Dr. Ricardo Moll

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Ricardo comes to Alpharetta Wellness Collective with a lot of knowledge in soft tissue therapy and diversified adjusting techniques. He has certifications in Cupping therapy, Graston therapy, Kinesiology taping, and Webster technique and soon will become a Certified Animal Chiropractor.

During his last months of the chiropractic program at Life University, he did a six-month internship in a family chiropractic clinic.

Dr. Ricardo is from Puerto Rico, where he got a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology. He is bilingual, with Spanish being his primary language, English secondary, and he is trying to add Portuguese to it as well.

He left his hometown to follow his dreams in 2016 and become a health care provider. Dr. Ricardo graduated in June 2020 and worked as an assistant for a year in a Personal Injury chiropractic office.

In June 2021, he focused his time on finishing his license exams and getting everything done so he could find his dream job. He loves to be in contact with nature and does a lot of hiking, indoor/outdoor climbing, lake days, and biking.

Dr. Ricardo considers himself to be a very passionate person about his practice. Helping you and your body be in complete balance throughout the day and teaching it how to heal itself is his mission.