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normatec compression therapy alpharetta

Normatec Compression Therapy

Normatec uses dynamic air compression to advance your wellness, recover faster, improve your training, and maximize your performance. We offer Normatec Sleeves for tired and sore arms as well as the Normatec Boots for your legs. Normatec’s patented precision pulse technology helps to increase circulation, revive muscles, and reduce swelling and has long been the choice of elite athletes and consumers throughout the globe. Warm-up and recover like never before.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy involves placing cups on the body and creating suction. Cupping Therapy helps bring stagnant blood from muscles to the surface so the body’s lymphatic system can breakdown and flush out the dead blood cells and toxins. Cupping helps to reduce pain and inflammation and promotes fresh blood and nutrients to the muscles.

cupping therapy alpharetta
localized cryotherapy session being given to man's hand in Alpharetta

Localized Cryotherapy

By targeting a specific area using subzero temps, spot cryo-therapy treatments aid in inflammation reduction. This quick, painless treatment has been shown to relieve pain in neck, back, shoulders, hips and knees. Great for tendonitis, headaches, muscle sprains and even facials! We love pairing cryotherapy with soft-tissue modalities, chiropractic, and esthetics for optimal benefits!

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy has been shown to boost energy levels, increase endurance during exercise, provide relief from stress and pollution, increase concentration, and ease headaches and hangovers. Sip on a hot tea and relax for 20 minutes of oxygen therapy to recover faster than ever and face the day with a fresh face, mental acuity, and a restored sense of health!

alpharetta oxygen therapy
infrared sauna alpharetta

Infrared Sauna

Unlike traditional saunas, Infrared saunas utilize infrared light spectrums to create heat promoting detoxification, relaxation and other health benefits. While inside the sauna, your body will absorb the infrared heat, increasing your core body temperature causing you to sweat. The dry heat of the session creates a relaxing environment. As the infrared light penetrates your joints, muscles, and tissues, oxygen flow and circulation is improved resulting in benefits such as weight loss, increased metabolism, muscle pain relief, improved immune system, detoxification, mental well-being and more.